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Mastering Your Career

Thank your for attending the Mastering Your Resume: Content Trends and Formatting Best Practices workshop.  Content Pro Resume Services has partnered with the University of Michigan Alumni Association to offer you our Master Career Bundle (Résumé + Cover Letter + LinkedIn) at an exclusive discount to maximize your potential and help you reach the next step on your career journey!

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Each Package Includes:

Master Career Bundle

Select the Master Career Bundle based on your total years of Work History and accelerate your career with confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about Content Pro Resume? See the list for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, please contact us.

Many companies scan the resumes they receive online using application software called an Applicant Tracking System, or “ATS.”

An ATS is often programmed by the company to reject resumes containing any number of errors. 75% of resumes submitted electronically are rejected by an ATS. An ATS does not care about the reason for the perceived error – its job is to prevent the resume from ever reaching human eyes.

Remember this: when other applicants make mistakes and you don’t, then you have the advantage! One reason Content Pro builds resumes completely from the ground up is to integrate ATS-beating features into the document from its first creation

The 10-second rule refers to the fact that, on average, a Recruiter or Hiring Manager will only spend about ten seconds scanning your resume before deciding to continue reading or toss it aside.

Every resume built by Content Pro is designed & formatted for the 10-second rule, and we leverage time-tested techniques to ensure your very best qualities and accomplishments immediately catch the reader’s eye

Yes. Every Content Pro resume writer is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW®).

Also on staff are Certified Professional Career Coaches (CPCC®) and Certified Employment Interview Professionals (CEIP®).

During development, you’ll likely have a Strategy Call with your writer – this is valuable 1-on-1 time where you both will dig into any areas the writer needs additional information on to complete the first draft.

After delivery of the first draft, you and the writer will communicate on our project review platform. 

With Content Pro, you are not purchasing a Word-based résumé template for you to fill out on your own.  We do all the heavy lifting and only ask that you be available for a call with your writer if needed, or that you answer any questions we may post to your first draft! 

What Clients are Saying:

Content Pro is a professional resume writing service that delivers tailored content as unique as each client.

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