Three Signs You’ve Chosen a Quality Resume Writing Service
Clint Mytych

Clint Mytych

Certified Professional Résumé Writer and blogger. Founder of Content Pro.

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Back in June 2019, CNBC published the results of a study that confirmed what many folks in HR already knew: in a blind test, recruiters chose professionally written resumes 2x more than self-written versions.  Hiring managers then determined the professionally written resumes were worth an extra 7% bump in salary and were likelier to land an interview.

With so many freelance and corporate resume writing providers across the United States, how do you begin the selection process?  Use these tips to help guide you to a source worthy of your trust!

They Promote Tailored Content

Clichés and overused buzzwords will kill your resume’s chance of success.  Not only do these take up valuable space better reserved for relevant keywords and accomplishments, they do nothing to help your resume survive being filtered out by the dreaded Applicant Tracking System.  Good resume writers go beyond asking you to submit questionnaires and forms about your background—they partner with you on your career journey by taking the time to listen to your unique story. 

  • Find a writer who gets on the phone with you
  • Look for resume packages that offer keyword optimization, proven formatting & design techniques and industry-specific language

Content is king if you want to stand out among applicants.  Don’t buy into the myth that colors and graphics and flashy templates are what convince a recruiter to make contact. 

They Ask about Accomplishments

Beware of hiring promises.  At some point you will have to sit across a table from a hiring manager and personally make your case for why you’re the best candidate.  A good resume lands you interviews—but this doesn’t mean your resume can’t help during the interview too.

A resume should be as much a tool for you as for the interviewer.  Look for a writer who values accomplishment-focused language—this means you’ll have a resume full of talking points and “memory joggers” of things to brag about during your interview.

Ever leave an interview having forgotten to talk about a major accomplishment from a past job?  Now imagine if it had been right in front of you on your resume!

You Simply Like What you See

Intuition is often a strong force when considering any service provider.  When selecting a resume writer, hone in on your gut feeling about things like:

  • How You’ll be Treated: do you have a sneaking suspicion you’ll be treated as just a number?  If the website gives off a cold or “churn and burn” vibe, it’s probably best to move on
  • The Process: is the writer looking to partner with you during the resume building process?   Phone consultations are a good indication of this and a sign that you’ll get a resume tailored to your background
  • Additional Services: are cover letters, thank you notes and LinkedIn profiles also offered?  The availability of these additional services is indicative of a writer who understands the full picture of the job search and career change processes

Content Pro Resume Services LLC is a career development company providing tailored résumés, cover letters, LinkedIn® profiles, curriculum vitae, federal résumés, career coaching and other resources to help people succeed on their career journey.  No matter your experience or industry, we can help!  We serve clients at all levels: recent graduates, entry-level, professionals, seasoned executives, and those looking to change fields. 


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