Picking a Job-Search Partner During COVID-19
Clint Mytych

Clint Mytych

Certified Professional Résumé Writer and blogger. Founder of Content Pro.

Partner during Covid

As the pandemic rolls on, who’s on your team?

No matter your job title, you’re the leader when it comes to your own career and future. You’ve worked hard to get here!

Now, more than ever, organizations need your dedication and wisdom to survive and grow during and after COVID-19. And you, in turn, can benefit from having someone on your side to connect the value you offer with the companies who are hiring now. That’s what career professionals like a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) can do.Years ago, career professionals moved far beyond just writing résumés, as important as that skill continues to be. CPRWs recognized that:

  • You deserve more than a stale, Word résumé template.
  • You deserve access to all the tools required to land the career you’ve always wanted.
  • You benefit from having an expert on your team.

How do you find the best professional for your needs, your preferences, and your lifestyle? The suggestions you’re about to read come from a combined century of tested wisdom. To get started, determine your needs and select the right job search partner. Then, we can help you land the job you want and deserve.

First, Determine Your Job Search Needs!

      • Job, or dream job? A job brings the security of a salary and benefits, the comfort of predictability. If you’re unemployed, that may fit the bill perfectly. A dream job brings all the benefits of a job but can add a higher salary, confidence in the position, and a more gratifying experience. Certified Professional Resume Writers will help you find a job faster. They also help the Hiring Manager find YOU! Having a professional by your side in your career journey allows you to be more confident and capable in your goals.
      • Your career direction? Companies hire a collection of knowledge, skills, abilities, and passions that all get abbreviated by a job title. You won’t make headway if your job search isn’t centered on your job title, your exact role, and what you can provide to companies hiring. That’s where a CPRW steps in. However, if you know your ideal title and how it fits into an organization, it’ll power your job search with greater success.
      • Skill sets? Your job search calls for a set of skills. Employers want you to communicate your value clearly and powerfully. Said another way, we want you comfortable living your brand. The practical sides of leveraging your personal brand include locating the real decision-maker in the hiring process and mastering the outreach to him or her, including new approaches to applications.
      • Job search documents that get results? Let others endlessly tinker with formats and “keywords.” Your résumé must prove you will make companies more money than it takes to hire and keep you. Your résumé should entice companies to ask you questions you both want to explore. Your résumé should be a lever to negotiate your compensation, even during huge swings in unemployment. The cover letter is the perfect complement. It proves you understand the interviewers’ problems, shows how you think, and keeps the conversation going.

    Now, Pick the Right Job Search Partner for YOU

    The right job search partner can help you determine the attributes that provide better alignment to your potential employer. You should ask and explore these topics when considering who can help in your job search endeavor:

        • Certified Professional? Professionalism and certification go hand-in-hand. Do more than ask which certifications someone holds. Find out how competitive their credentials are and which skills they validated by professionals.
        • Member of Career Professional Associations? Membership in professional organizations is a must. Career professionals rely on vibrant communities to help us master the latest information and trends. Ask which organizations your potential career journey partner belongs to. How long has he or she been a member? What do they contribute or learn from the community?
        • Find proofs of excellence. Career professionals must have excellent LinkedIn profiles. They should be able to tell you why theirs looks the way it does and how yours can be at the same level.
        • Know the return on your investment. Employers don’t “buy” your skills. They invest in you! The same is true for career professionals. How will your investment with them benefit you? Better pay or faster hiring is very often part of that. Think of the difference between doing what you’re doing now and what you can achieve. The satisfaction of more significant contributions in settings that allow you to thrive – that new future is a wonderful payoff, beyond price!

        Whomever you choose, please don’t leave your future in the hands of the untrained. Without a professional on your side, finding a job or career can be a lonely, frustrating, and costly journey.

        Think about who you can turn to for help: you can’t very well confide in your boss, your associates, or your customers. Friends and family care about you. All are well-intentioned. But they don’t share your background, skills, needs, and goals. They haven’t seen you solving problems at work. You can’t expect them to spend all their time mastering the world of work as those of us in the career development field do every day.

        Of all the skills and value career professionals bring, earning your trust to be your career journey partner is most important. Working together, we can move your life, and the lives of your families, forward to better things for years to come.

        Whether résumé writers or job coaches, Content Pro employs only certified professionals.  Learn more about each of the services we offer!

        Remember, “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.”

        PARW/CC is the longest standing professional resume writing and career coaching association in the industry with more than 2,000 members and offering four career management credentials.

Content Pro Resume Services LLC is a career development company providing tailored résumés, cover letters, LinkedIn® profiles, curriculum vitae, federal résumés, career coaching and other resources to help people succeed on their career journey.  No matter your experience or industry, we can help!  We serve clients at all levels: recent graduates, entry-level, professionals, seasoned executives, and those looking to change fields. 


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