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Getting Started

The cost of a new resume is based on the number of years of work history, as this directly determines the amount of writing your dedicated writer will engage in. 

Visit our Services page to see everything that’s included!  And don’t forget we offer an array of other career development resources. 

Yes!  A student rate is available to anyone currently enrolled in an undergraduate program, and to high school students.  Visit our Student Resume Services page for details. 

The Process

Not at all!  While including a Strategy Call with a dedicated writer is one of the things job seekers love most about Content Pro, it is absolutely not required. 

If you prefer to communicate with your dedicated writer solely via email, that’s fine too! 

At this time we do not send out samples. However, you can view the before & after images of a REAL CLIENT’S resume near the bottom of our How it Works page!   
Additionally, if you’d like to chat with your writer about his or her resume-writing philosophy before moving forward just let us know and we’d be happy to arrange a call. 

Many companies scan the resumes they receive online using application software called an Applicant Tracking System, or “ATS.”

An ATS is often programmed by the company to reject resumes containing any number of errors.  75% of resumes submitted electronically are rejected by an ATS.  An ATS does not care about the reason for the perceived error – its job is to prevent the resume from ever reaching human eyes. 

Think of Applicant Tracking Systems as “resume robots” standing between you and a Recruiter at the company to which you’re applying.

These robots are beatable with the right strategy. There are fundamental best practices you can implement to mitigate ATS rejection. In addition to spelling and grammar errors, an ATS-friendly resume must be completely compatible with the job posting for which you’re applying.

Remember this: when other applicants make mistakes and you don’t, then you have the advantage!  One reason Content Pro builds resumes completely from the ground up is to integrate ATS-beating features into the document from its first creation!

The 10-second rule refers to the fact that, on average, a Recruiter or Hiring Manager will only spend about ten seconds scanning your resume before deciding to continue reading or toss it aside.

Ten seconds equates to approximately the top 1/3 of your resume’s first page.  This space is far and away the most valuable real estate of your entire document. 

Every resume built by Content Pro is designed & formatted for the 10-second rule, and we leverage time-tested techniques to ensure your very best qualities and accomplishments immediately catch the reader’s eye

Yes!   EVERY Content Pro writer resides in the United States.  

Yes.  Every Content Pro resume writer is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW®).

Also on staff are Certified Professional Career Coaches (CPCC®) and Certified Employment Interview Professionals (CEIP®).

Your Resume

Yes!  We always start a resume build from scratch, even for clients who have a current draft!

When you select your resume package and proceed through the ordering process, you’ll see special prompts to select since you don’t have a draft to provide from which we get certain historical information.  

The Strategy Call with your writer may last a bit longer than typical, but we’ll make sure to gather all the information needed to build you a professional resume!

At this time we don’t offer a “template-only” service.  Please understand that our passion and expertise truly shine when we’re able to build a resource from scratch for our clients.  

We’re called Content Pro for a reason!  A successful resume is so much more than just a specific design.

Resume and Career Services

Yes!  We recognize the prevalence of Curriculum Vitae in certain academic and scientific fields and for job seekers outside of the United States.  We’d be honored to build your CV according to our strict professional standards.  At this time, all CVs are built using American English.  Learn more about our CV service.

Your writer will start on additional resources after you’ve returned feedback on the first draft of your new resume.

This is to ensure you like the direction the resume is going so a similar tone and style can be used for the other resources and create a harmonious presentation of your achievements.  

Absolutely!  One of our certified, licensed Career Coaches would love to spend time on the phone getting to know you and helping reveal career desires you might not even be aware of yet.

Visit our Career Development Resources page to book your coaching session!

Yes!  One of our certified Interview Professionals would love to conduct a mock interview with you, and provide all the guidance and tips you need!

Visit our Career Development Resources page to book your Interview Coaching Session today.  

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