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Many LinkedIn users aren’t aware of the option to create a personalized LinkedIn URL.  It’s one of the first things we suggest clients do who come to us for LinkedIn builds or makeovers. 

Why is it important to create a personalized LinkedIn URL?

It makes you easier to find on the platform, has a cleaner look (especially on résumés), and conveys attention to detail.  

Think of it like your Instagram or Facebook profile name.  Check out the difference between a default LinkedIn URL and one that’s personalized:

  • Default: linkedin.com/in/john-doe-b0208537c
  • Personalized: linkedin.com/in/johndoe

By default, LinkedIn will generate a URL for you containing a string of numbers and letters.  Not the most visually appealing text for your résumé!

Thankfully, LinkedIn makes it possible to personalize your URL.  

Create A Personalized LinkedIn URL

Note: these steps must be completed on a computer; URL changes are not yet permitted from the mobile app. 

  1. Log into LinkedIn using a computer.

  2. Navigate to your profile.

  3. Click on “Edit public profile & URL” in the top right of the screen (see image below).  A new window or tab will open.

  4. Locate the “Edit your custom URL” section in the top right of the screen and click on the pencil icon next to your current URL (see image below).

  5. Try different combinations of your name until a window pops up to indicate that your new URL has been accepted and successfully saved.  Avoid using numbers if possible.

That’s it!  Your personalized LinkedIn URL is ready to share. Head over to LinkedIn and give it a try, then list your new URL  on your résumé and in your email signature!  

Let us know in the Comments if you’ve successfully personalized your LinkedIn URL.

Bonus Tip: while we’re on the subject of LinkedIn, do you need help setting up job alerts?  We’ve previously written about LinkedIn job alerts, check it out.

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